September 24, 2023

White Fence

Album cover A Pale Son - White Fence


The Debut – Happy days …

All it takes to change a life completely is a happy coincedence … When one of his mates asked A Pale Son if he’d be interested in sharing his studio with him, the instant answer was ‘Yes’. Up to that point his talent had been lying dormant, writing songs on the sofa, waiting for his scattered band to make time for some action. With a studio at his disposal, it was a natural decision to turn that waiting game around into something productive: Going solo as a singer/songwriter and trading in the absent band mates for a bunch of electric friends.

A Pale Son knew next to nothing about recording or production when he started, apart from some early demo stints with analogue 4 & 8 tracks or a short period of tinkering with prehistoric DAWs. It was an adventures journey with a steep learning curve and blissful trial and errors that would eventually lead to “White Fence”, the birth of A Pale Son, his first longplayer that would prove a point: You have to do it alone sometimes.

Hitting that record button would feel like an early christmas, everytime. No longer constrained by the limits of an Indie band threepiece, songs could finally accommodate dense atmospheres and his longstanding love for electronic music married to the acoustic side of writing songs on a 6-string. Some songs were already sitting there, waiting to be fleshed out, others were written on the spot.

At the end, “White Fence” turned into victorious 10 song journey, with admirable flaws and flukes, merely tapping into the potential as a solo artist. Most of all, an undying testament of happy days.

Album cover A Pale Son - White Fence

A Pale Son

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