September 21, 2023


Photo: A Pale Son in b/w wearing a guitar around his neck

You have to do it alone sometimes

A Pale Son has been around the block a few times. With bands too great to be forgotten. But not too great at being remembered. Happens. So, you have to do it alone sometimes. The Berlin based singer/songwriter trusts some electric friends to conjure up his musical vision, leading to his debut album “White Fence” in 2018. Lush atmospheres, poignant punch, delicate acoustic intimacy or cinematic scopes, whatever fits the bill.

To A Pale Son writing a song is like building a house. A home. You can meet some pleasant people there: Pop kids, Grandpa Jazz, Indie Geeks or the fuzzy Folk bard – everyone‘s welcome who can carry a tune. Good company with stories that stick. Join this motley crew. It might be your story, too.






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